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Your Pets  and us

Apartments for Rent

The Regency does have a pet policy. In order for your pet to live at The Regency, he/she must be vaccinated, have a good temperament, and be labeled "fit" for apartment living. We do have some limitations for pets. These limitations include: no more than a total of two (2) female de-clawed and spayed cats OR no more than a total of two (2) male de-clawed and neutered cats. All other types of pets are negotiable. Large dogs are specifically prohibited. Dogs must weigh under 20 pounds fully grown to be eligible to live at The Regency. Any potential resident must fill out a separate pet application for his/her pet, and must have a veterinarian sign an information form to assure that the pets in question are acceptable for living in one of our apartments.      


Rental Number - 203.WE4.RENT


Fountainhead Property Management Office - 203.932.3138